Wednesday, August 5, 2009

His eye is on the sparrow wren…

See the sweet birds in the banner above? Earlier today I went to check up on the little ones. I carefully opened the birdhouse expecting to see little birdie beaks poised for feeding. Instead, one of the “wee littles” jumped, seriously, leaped! right out of the nest! Of course I chased it and just as I was about to grab hold it jumped again, into the tall grass, never to be seen again! I searched for that little bird for half an hour while momma and daddy chirped and chattered the whole time! And I've got the mosquito bites to prove it! Suffice to say that looking for a tiny brown bird in three foot tall grass is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Man, did I feel terrible! Even though I wasn’t too happy the wrens had moved into my bluebird box (I have had bluebirds nesting there for several years.) I had grown to love them. I learned to recognize their call, and one morning they were literally outside my bedroom window singing and calling as if to say “Get up it’s a beautiful day!” That's better than any alarm clock! The only consolation is to think that perhaps they were just getting ready to leave the nest, fly the coop, and venture into the great unknown! Be safe little bird, godspeed!
I'm wondering, can anyone tell me how to blur the edges of a photo?

One more thing~ debi@lifeinmystudio is having a giveaway to celebrate her first blog anniversary. Stop by and peruse her lovely blog and you could be a winner! If it's not me, I hope it's YOU!


PS Yes, Bethany, the pitcher is from Pier One. I resisted the temptation to buy it last summer and I got it on sale for half price a few weeks ago! There was only one matching glass left, but I was able to find the same color glasses at the thrift shop for .49 ea.! Even better!

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  1. Hi, Mom!! Your blog is so beautiful. You are such a great writer and have such a wonderful way with words (whether you think so or not). I loved your description of who you are. It made me cry because it was such a perfect little glimpse at who you are. :) I just love you so much and I'm glad you are finally sharing your beautiful contributions and insights with the web world. Congratulations, Mom, you are off to an amazing start. <3 ya