Monday, August 3, 2009

blogstalker no more!

The days of feeling like a blogstalker are over! No longer am I lurking in the shadows...I joined the club! I was introduced to Heather Bullard by Tracey Connolly (vintagebejoyful) who was introduced by Tracey Buxton (Notes from a Cottage Industry). I've never met these women but I can say I have been inspired by each one of them and have enjoyed peeking into their lives. The picture, left, is my humble interpretation of Heather's Repurposed desk found here. I've got to remember to take before pics from now on. I'm still looking for the right frame to make a chalkboard. Ah the hunt...gotta love it!


  1. I am new to blogging as well. Fasten your seat belt, it is quite the ride. When you find the help button, let me know!

  2. Susan,

    Welcome to blogging. I love your desk, Heather's blog is lovely. I have been blogging for over two years, if you ever have any questions, please let me know. It's overwhelming at first, but then soon you just can't wait to write the day's post.


  3. Hey chickadee! welcome to the blogging world! You are going to see a whole new world out there now that your part of it! hehe Just always have your camara in hand and a notebook for ideas!! Come by and visit this mermaid sometime! let me know if ya need help with your blog I can help ya set up a background and all that!! Big mermaid hugs


  4. Hi Susan, it looks like your blog is off to a nice start -love your desk.
    Even though I have been trying to be a blogger for over a year I am still learning, it's a fun creative process.
    Thanks for sharing yours!
    Best regards,

  5. Hi Susan,
    I love the desk. I love blogging and I know you will's a great way to meet creative people from all over the world. Now you know someone from Australia.....welcome!!!

  6. Great desk! Welcome to blogging--may you find it as fun and addicting as the rest of us! Happy Blog Party...

  7. Such a gorgeous desk and hutch! White and anything more beautiful? :) Is that little pitcher on the right from Pier One? I craved that item all summer!

    Congrats on "delurking" and a very welcome to the world of blogging!

  8. Welcome to the small world of blogging! You're off to a wonderful start and I wish you continued success!
    Have fun with it!