Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding...

OK, not exactly, but...

On April 26, 1980

I did feel like 

But now, after 31 years...
We're still working out whether he's the the king,

court jester, or simply, "mr. wonderful"...
Sometime it's debatable!  :)
But, for better or for worse, he's mine!
 Happy Anniversary, hon.
Love you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

no greater love

for you and me...

blessings and peace to you on this good friday

Monday, April 18, 2011

birthday girl

It's been almost a week
since my firstborn daughter 
celebrated her 29th birthday!
She posted something on her blog about being  29 and holdin'
She  is her mother's daughter! :)
You see,
this year I celebrated the
silver anniversary of  my  29th! :)
Yup...she was 4 years old when I turned 29.
She was the first of our 3 girls.
Okay, she's her father's daughter too!
I was a cheerleader, but
my girls played basketball like their Dad.
They follow the Red Sox and even understand football!
I love the Red Sox and I call myself a Patriots fan,
but, honestly,  I don't get football.
She's a daughter, a wife, an auntie extraordinaire,
and she's not just a waitress, oh, no,
she is hardworking,
highly motivated,
 influential and inspiring,
 an amazing woman,
a wonderful friend,
and a child of God.
She's my girl!
Happy Birthday (week), Crystal!
Love you!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

sunny saturday

After a busy week that included setting our
Rowan duck eggs
in a new, fully-automated (once I figured it all out!) incubator,
{We moved it up a week to avoid having them hatch during Spring break!}
Report cards,
Parent /Teacher conferences,
and our monthly
Open House
is finally here
I'm going outside
to play
in the
How are you enjoying the week-end?