Friday, August 21, 2009

And the winner is...

...BRENDA! Congratulations! Please email your address and I'll send out my little giveaway ASAP! It's wrapped and ready to go! Special thanks to those who left comments. It means a lot! Again, Congrats, Brenda!

Here's a little glimpse of what's inside the package. Brenda, turn away if you want to be surprised! I love a theme, so I went with the captions of our mini photo shoot minus the Cheerios. (I looked but couldn't find a snack-size box!) Then I added a few random things just for FUN!

Since I blogged about sweet girl last, I thought I'd give my little worker boy equal time and share a few pics ...

He loves helping Grampie and I love it because they're cleaning my car! :)

Taking a little break before going on to help his mama wash her car. Need lots of water in this hot, sunny weather!

He takes his work very seriously!

These pics are from yesterday. Right now we're having a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warnings...ahhh, the weather in New England!

PS Tigger never did show up...I'll be cleaning that room 'til next summer! :)


  1. Wooohooo I'm so excited Susan.....thanks so much.

    The cupcakes in the post above look are a clever lady!