Friday, August 7, 2009

big kids and little kids

My youngest daughter will turn 21 on Sunday...I've been working on a collage of words and pictures cut from magazines that make me think of her. It was supposed to be a surprise, but she came in while I was making it and now she knows I'm up to something. Oh well, she'll have to wait until Sunday for the big reveal. :)

She and her husband moved in last week-end. They'll be staying here while they work on their new old house. It needed some serious renovating, but it's going to be beautiful. They're so excited! My husband's and my first house was the epitomy of a fixer-upper! I do remember how fun it was to make it our own.

They also brought with them everything they own! It has taken up residence in our garage for the duration. But it's OK because they also brought him! He'll be 2 in September. I just can't believe I've been blessed with the cutest little darlin' of a grandson in the world! :) Yeah, nothin' like gramma love.
I have a grandaughter too. {9 months, Daughter #2's daughter}Complete that little sweetie...can you tell she's teething? :)


  1. Hi Susan,

    What sweet grand babies you have!! Darlings! Thanks so much for visiting me at Firefly Hill.



  2. No grandbabies yet. It will be a while for that-but that's ok. My 20yr old move home yesterday. We are also glad.

  3. Love the pics of my niece and nephew!! I also love that the Sox are on in the backround of Livi's pic. :) :) :)
    I'm sorry I couldn't be there for the beautiful birthday brunch, but soon I won't have to miss out on all this stuff. Can't wait for my homecoming!! And you'll have to help my plan my open house...I'm going to decide on the day once we start getting settled. :) :) Love you!!

  4. I love your blog and your grandkids are beautiful just like all three of your daughters!! I Miss you!! When Crystal moves back to NB I am sure I will be venturing out that way more often!!