Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Small baby...
 ...great love.

A light snow is falling as I write these words.  The turkey is in the oven. I am enjoying my first cup of morning coffee.  It is quiet and peaceful and I feel blessed.  All the packages are tucked under the tree awaiting my boisterous and energetic family's arrival in a few hours.  I'm smiling as I recall last night's church Christmas pageant.  Olivia (age 4) was an angel (actually, she he reminded me of one of the Herdman kids from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!) and Dayton (5) was an innkeeper.  He managed to make everyone laugh after he said his one line.  One of the highlights of the season to me, is the candlelight singing after the children perform.  The church is darkened and one by one the candles are lit until the whole place is basked in the "Savior's light." 
    Happy Birthday, Jesus.   
Gloria in excelsis deo!
Christmas Blessings to you, my friends!