Friday, April 23, 2010

I heart bluebird notes

My sweet blogfriend,
is having a FAB giveaway,
and you're invited to join in the fun!
Pop on over to Bluebird Notes.
You won't be sorry. :)
If you're not a follower already,
you will be...


  1. Hi, Susan,
    Koralee is a sweet heart. Thank you for letting us know about her giveaway. Thank you also for coming by Bunny Cottage for a visit and your kind comments. Have a happy weekend! Vicki

  2. Hello dearest Susan,

    With all the festivities going on chez moi, it looks as if I missed your previous post, but oh how I love your world! AND I LOVE KORALEE! I visit her regularly, but I better go over to see her, because I know that she posts copiously and I don't want to miss! Have a lovely, bright and bluebird day! Anita

  3. You are just way too sweet my friend...a million thanks for your oh so kind words. Sigh...this is why I love blogging so is people like you that make my heart sing. Hugs to you today and I am throwing in some extra ones...xoxoxo

  4. You introduced me to a new blog and a fun giveaway. Thank you! I am really enjoying your blog.

  5. Susan dear! Thank you for coming to meander down the lilac path chez moi! Oh, my neighbor has a lilac bush, but my crab apple trees are in their glory right now, and everything is burgeoning. Do stay tuned as I will try to take decent pictures of my Twin Cities and then of my home; a delightful place to live!!!!

    Have a lovely day, Anita

  6. Susan darling I adore both you and Koralee and I am keeping my fingers cross, hope you win the giveaway. Wishing you a lovely week my friend.

    Love & Hugs
    Sleepless Duchess