Tuesday, April 13, 2010

first shoes

I found these at my Mom's the other day.
She had written on the box

Sue's first shoes

MRS. DAY'S Ideal Baby Shoe

sweet find, huh?

The Ideal CREED

"The Shoe of the Baby Determines the Foot of the Adult."

"I'm feeling a little sad and sentimental today.

My last little chick flew the nest on Sunday.

After 28 years, our nest is empty.

Once I pull myself out of this FUNK

I'm going to reorganize this nest into








  1. YES! NOW THAT IS A GREAT PLAN AND ATTITUDE! Oh, seeing your shoes gives me great memories....of all the items from my childhood, my baby shoes is all I have left and my first teddy bear...sweet memories. YOU ARE GONNA MAKE A GREAT DREAM NEST!!! Go out and start gathering your straw and grass and fluff like the robin!

    BISOUS ma belle, Anita

  2. it IS a mixed bag of sad and knowing it's the natural progression. you've got a great idea: redo and reorganize -- keep busy.

    when our son returned home AFTER GETTING MARRIED, he walked into his *old* room, which turned into an office, and said, 'you redid my room????' he looked crestfallen. bless HIS heart. lol.

  3. Totally a good find! Treasure I'd say! Super sweet!

  4. An empty nest seems daunting at first and then gradual becomes a very comfortable place to be. Enjoy this new stage.

  5. Great attitude, chin up.
    I know your heart is sad but try to keep busy. A day at a time or 5 minutes at a time.

    By the way, I like the new look.

  6. That middle picture of the shoes is awesome! the lighting is perfect!!
    What a wonderful thing to come across at a time when you are feeling so sentimental. :)
    Love you