Thursday, September 10, 2009

thanks for the memories

Thought I'd share a couple of my favorite old photos. 
I believe we were at a shop called
The Enchanted Dollhouse in Manchester, VT in this pic...
just the place little girls {and their Mom and Grandma} loved to explore!
{Dad and Grandad, not so much, but they were very gracious...}
While my son-in law has been staying with us, he decided that my old dinosaur computer just wouldn't do, so he brought me a new one that's quite fancy with a flat screen and takes up only a portion of the room on my desk that my old computer did!
My other son-in law brought over a scanner that he and my daughter weren't using so my youngest scanned these oldies but goodies into my computer.
I've got  a bit to learn, but I'm enjoying all the extras,  and I'm optomistic that all of these things will help to  enhance my blog and make it more like I want it to be.
Here's another of my favorites.
~my girls~
These kiddos sure did make the holidays delighful!  
My oldest asked just the other day if she could host our
Christmas Eve gathering at her apartment this year.
I was thrilled that she offered,
and I am already

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  1. A scanner is a great way to revive the memories hiding in our old photos. When I got mine four years ago I scanned 25 years of pictures -- a big job that took some time, but it was worth it. I have noticed a number of blogs adding old photos to their posts -- I really like it and plan to do it sometime myself.

    Sounds like you have very loving kids and kids-in-law : ) Enjoy your new computer and scanner. Blessings and Have a Great Day!