Monday, September 28, 2009

homecoming, harvesting, and happily ever aftering

Dad is home now and was recovering as expected
until he took a fall this morning. 
Thank goodness my brother was there.
My big strong, independent dad is still
experiencing a great deal of pain. 
It is difficult to see him looking so weak and pale,
but the nurses asure us he is doing well. 
 Any prayers offered on his behalf are so appreciated.

My husband and I
the wedding of
my best friend's

The church was extraordinarily beautiful.

The reception was held in a lovely New England Inn.

I had fun playing with pics of

the Bride and Groom...

My friend looked amazing in her
mother of the groom gown,

and her grandsons were adorable in their tuxedoes. :)

Each of the bridemaids chose their favorite style dress
 in cranberry (I think, or wine?)

The bride carried this bouquet.

This is one of the bridemaid's bouquets.

I loved the hypericum berries in the centerpieces.

And you dog lovers will love this...

Fun, huh?  I liked this idea.

All of this took place after I took my class on a field trip

to the apple orchard.

The weather was blissfully sunny and cool.

...a pretty full day,

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  1. I agree!
    What a beautiful wedding, I love the donation idea.
    Your apple orchard pictures are great!
    Sunny :)