Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Birthday Boy

D's birthday is actually September 3.  He's a Labor Day baby. 
His Mom invited a few people over for cake and ice cream on the 2nd. 
He'll have his BIG party when they move into their house. 
 The night before the party his Aunt and Uncle
(my oldest and her husband) moved back to town.
And I started school.
So, it's been a little hectic around here!
But it's all good things, so I keep counting my blessings!

This little boy just melts my heart.
He is such a BOY!
It's fascinating watching the way he plays with cars and trucks...
the way they vroom and crash!

One of his favorite things to do is go with Grampie
to see the cows at the farm next door.
The  Disney movie Cars is his favorite.
And he loves being outdoors.  He'll stand at the door and say "A walk?"  :)
He's adding new words to his vocabulary every day.
I love baby talk!
When I'm at the computer he'll motion for me to pick him up
saying "Monta Tuck, Monta Tuck"
 meaning 'I want to watch Monster Trucks on You Tube!'

And he loves the "Mo Mowa."
He once fell asleep in Grampie's arms on the rider!

He certainly isn't lacking a sense of humor!
But, gosh, I even think he's cute when he's crying real tears because his candy bar broke in half!  :(
Do you think this party boy is getting tired? 
Oh, yeah, but he rallied...
and after a good night's sleep was ready for round two on his real birthday!
What a trooper, huh?!  :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet boy.
Mwuh. I Luh You...
all to pieces!

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  1. Love this post and love DooDooBird all to pieces, too!!! Great pics from the new cam!! Can't wait to get started on my new blog!! I've got some ideas...Can we get together Wednesday night?? That'd be blogtastic!! :) :) :) love you!!