Tuesday, September 1, 2009

back to school surprise

Last year, one of the second grade boys at school brought in his lizard to show his classmates.  We often have pets visit.  Unfortunately, however, around snack time, S. discovered that his lizard was missing!   We, literally, searched high and low for that creature!  The kids posted MISSING signs, and we sought the advice of anyone who we thought knew anything about lizards. All to no avail...Well, imagine my surprise (understatement) when I'm sitting at my desk preparing for Meet Your Teacher Day today, and I look down to see THE CREATURE right beside my chair!  Needless to say I jumped up, called for anyone within earshot, and even had the Principal paged to come ASAP!  What would you do? 
Anyway, we reminisced about the search, were indeed impressed that this lizard made it through the ice storm of '08, and scooped it up and put it in a terrarium.  On the way home I stopped to buy crickets. 
                                                     They kinda creep me out.
I'm thinking, in addition to How I Spent my Summer Vacation ,
this year we'll be writing about The Imagined Adventures of The CREATURE Lizard! 
Oh Yeah...the kids are going to be SO excited!


  1. Leapin' Lizards! I would have screamed then probably had a heart attack!
    Sunny :)

  2. I know what you mean about crickets -- you are so brave to get them anyway -- sounds like you really care about your students. The idea of writing stories about the lizard sounds like a great idea. You could even share a few on your blog. Hope you are having a wonderful day and I am glad you are enjoying my Sunday Smiles. Blessings

  3. What on EARTH was that CREATURE eating all winter???
    Kenny just told me it was eating all the bugs that were in your school.
    What is this creature's name??? Maybe you should consider renaming it "Orkin"???? just a thought...
    I can't wait to read what the kids dream up as the CREATURE's adventures. :)