Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apple Picking

On an absolutely beautiful day last week
my three daughters took my grandkids apple picking
at the orchard that's practically
 in our backyard! 
They LOVE apples!

The only disappointing thing about this afternoon outing
was that I wasn't able to join them!
But...they brought home a plethora of apples
that I'm anxious to bake into pies.
There's NOTHING like a home baked pie made with
Gramma's recipe, sweetened to perfection, slightly cooled,
and served with a  colossal scoop of vanilla ice cream!
I'll post pics of beautiful pies this week-end (I hope!).

It's getting late and I will be getting up early (3:45) to go with my Dad to the hospital in the morning. 
He is scheduled for surgery to remove his bladder and hopefully eradicate any and all cancer in his body. 
I would appreciate your prayers for him.
And, please, 
pray for
 a cure

1 comment:

  1. nice pics!!! LOL i think i took them!!! jade took a few too but mostly i was being a camera hog!! :) i couldn't help it...your cam is awesome!!
    i like the new banner. i def took that one. :)
    and i have been praying for g-dad all day.
    it must have been so exhausting to be at the hospital all day today. i'm sorry i could only stay for a little while.
    well, i'll talk to you soon.
    love you all to pieces :)