Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fairie tale

My granddaughter, Olivia, believes she is a princess...(and indeed, so do I!)
She adores wearing princess dresses and princess shoes
and, of course, a crown!
So, while enjoying some time by the campfire awhile back,

I made this fairy princess crown.

Now she keeps asking for wings! :)
  So her mom and I are planning a fairy princess birthday party in November.
Olivia doesn't know I already picked up several pairs of wings at the dollar store the other day.
("Gotta get 'em while the gettin's good," my Mom would say! )
Olivia's mom knows I love to plan a party with a fun theme; so she indulges me.
Oh, it's going to be so much fun!
Do you have a childhood birthday party that you remember as your favorite?


  1. What lovely post, Susan. I like the name Olivia very much, as a matter of fact we almost picked in stead of Celeste, it was one of these two names!
    Enjoy all the pre-fun and the real party off course too!
    Love xxxx

  2. Olivia is a pretty princess!!!! Susan, she is an angel!!!
    Aila loves to pretend she is a princess too! A ballerina too!
    I had a butterfly birthday party when I was 4!!! I will never forget this!!
    LOve, dear Susan!! Bela

  3. I believe we are of "kindred spirits".
    I love a theme and love to give my grandchildren parties.
    What can I say about Olivia? She is precious.
    I can see why you want to give her a special bithday party.

    Your photography is simply wonderful.

  4. Oh my dear one,

    I just got home about an hour ago, and I had seen your lovely post from my classroom computer during break. I am no longer able to comment from that computer on my lunch hour. This week is PREP week too; Thursday is our open house and the kids come "home" the day after Labor Day. Oh, what an exciting year it will be. I wish YOU GOD'S BLESSINGS as you make a mark in these childrens' lives, AN UNFORGETTABLE MARK MY DEAR!!!!


  5. Oh my friend...this is so adorable..my girls always like to dress up as princesses too. Your Granddaughter is adorable. Hugs to you my sweet friend. xo

  6. I sure to love that pretty princess!! :)
    Yesterday she wore a dress, necklace, bracelets, heels, and don't forget her CROWN to playgroup!!
    The only thing about the heels is the CLIMB up to the third floor at my house...people say I'm impatient and always going too fast and in a hurry. Haaa!!! They can hold her hand while she walks up the three flights in heels!!!! hAhAhA! Some things are worth being patient for...like the fact that when we get inside we paint each others nails and watch Tangled. :) What can I say?? Livi brings out the girly in me, too!! :) :) :)