Saturday, August 13, 2011

We've been flocked!

 We woke up this morning to fifty flamingos in our front yard!
To raise $$$ for sports programs 
the local booster club 
will "flock" any house in town
for a cash donation. 
{Thanks Crystal and Kenny!} :)
When the woman came to 
pick up the flock she said, 
"This is probably the only house in town 
where the flamingos actually look good!"  
pink door
pink flamingos 
 That is a compliment, right?  
 Did you notice the ducks checking out the flock?
Now it's our turn to do the "flocking!"


  1. Great cause!
    Great looking home.
    Great daughter and son-in-law!!

  2. oh my goodness, how fun is *this*?!?!?!
    love the reason for the flamingos.
    love the flamingos. been looking for little ones.. no luck. i see now that they're all at your house. ;o)

  3. That is such a great idea! Your home looks fabulous all bejewelled in pink!

    I hope lots of money is raised.

    Best wishes,

  4. I LOVE your home...I want to move right in.

    Those birds do look lovely....what a cute idea. You have ducks...pure JOY! Now I really want to move in...or at least come have tea on your front sweet.

    Hugs to you my friend. xoxoxox

    Enjoy the rest of your Summer days.

  5. SO nice, dear Susan!!! Your house looks adorable!!
    Our dear Aila had her birthday party last Saturday and it was so nice!! I will show some pics soon!
    Love, Bela

  6. WOW, that's a gorgeous sight!! Your home is terrific, Susan. Could be right out of a magazine!
    Love for a sweet sweet Sunday xxxx

  7. Can't say as I've ever been flocked... At least it was in pink:) Love your yard!

  8. Thinking of you sweet friend...has school started for you yet? I have 4 days!!! Happy new school year!

  9. Just think, flamingos that coordinate perfectly with your beautiful, cozy home. Your home says, "come on in and stay awhile," to me. It is so welcoming! It looks like it comes from the pages of Country Living Magazine.