Thursday, September 15, 2011

happy birthday, dayton!

The first part of September is a very busy time of the year for me. 
The new school year begins.  
( I teach first grade.)  
Sunday School begins,
(I'm the Sunday School Superintendent.)

And my grandson, Dayton celebrates his birthday!

This year he turned 4 on September 3rd !
 The theme of this year's party was

I helped his mom by carving a
watermelon shark...

                                                  and making "sushi" appetizers...(not that tasty, but cute!)

 Sponge Bob and Nemo 
( Dayton's two Grandpas)
made an appearance!

And the birthday boy gave it all he had to blow out his candles! ;) 

{Next year somebody remind me that buttercream frosting
melts on the way to the party 
when it's early September and the temperature is 80 degrees !!}

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!
I love you all to pieces!

smooch, smooch!


  1. Such a cute idea. Love the Grandpas!

    Your plate is full and you still have time energy to help with Dayton's party. But Grandmas do that!

  2. LOvely party!! Handsome boy!!!! Special grandma!!!!
    Congratulations Susan!!!
    Love, Bela

  3. as livi and i would say, "YOU ROCK, SISTAH!!"
    everything you make is always awesome!! i think everything melts at 80 degrees (humans included).
    had a great time as S.S. this morning. :)
    i'll see you tomorrow. :) LOVE YOU :)

  4. What an adorable party!!!! Love those snacks. Happy 4th Birthday to your sweet Dayton.

    I am back at school and my time away is just a memory! A great memory!

    Hugs to you my friend....loving thought coming your way. xoxoxo

  5. Creativity reigns here, even with your busy schedule. I like that cake and the fact that the two grandpas were involved in such a cute way. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  6. OH DEAR what a cute little man....and that SHARK! Oh SUSAN, it is so beautiful to see you again! SCHOOL HAS STARTED and that first week is so hectic. This is week four for me now! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Can you tell that I am excited about advancing our school year? teeeheee

    YES! I MET KORALEE and it was super. We just need to coordinate a BLOG REUNION! Wouldn't that be fantastic?

    ENJOY THE SCHOOL DAY my dear, Anita

  7. Hi my friend...sending you ooodles of fall love. Thank you for your sweet comment you left me! Hope your Fall is off to a wonderful start...I would so love to meet you sometime. xoxoxo

  8. Thinking of you sweet friend...have a great Fall weekend. xoxo

  9. Oh darling friend and colleague!

    My school year is quite a challenge. But you know what? God is even in the classroom. I just was reminded today THROUGH BLOGLAND that I need to remember the number one rule: LOVE.

    How is YOUR SCHOOL YEAR? Are you working on a Master's or a CEU? BEST OF SUCCESS TO YOU MY DEAR and CELEBRATE when you are to you! Anita

  10. Oh dear Susan, thank you so much for insisting and leaving me a comment!!! Thanks!!! It is so important for me now as long as I am not confident about the blog changes...
    LOve, Bela