Tuesday, August 31, 2010

so long, summer!

We spent last week-end at a posh beach house
in Point Judith, Rhode Island,
{a village on the coast of Narragansett}
the guests of my youngest daughter’s
wonderful in-laws.

Seven of us took the ferry from Point Judith to Block Island.
I love this pic. It's the shadow cast on the water of the 7 of us as we're waiting to leave the ferry.
So fun! :)

We walked (and walked :) )and shopped,

had lunch,

and enjoyed the

absolutely perfect

summer weather!We enjoyed brunch together

and were entertained by a man who builds rock sculptures.

No glue. Seriously. Amazing.

And the week-end ended all too soon...

{Thank you Dickie and Bonnie}

and it's

Bye, bye, summer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

whale of a tale...

of our trip
this summer
was a


on a boat, called the


We sailed for 2 hours
from Cape Anne in Gloucester, MA
to within sight of Provincetown, and...
we saw

and dolphins too!We saw mama whales with their calves,
and I even got a shot of a breaching whale!


my favorite

is a photo I captured of


SALT is said to be the

most photographed,

most sighted,

and most



in the world!




This is the view as we sailed into the harbor...

... p . e . a . c . e...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In the last ten days...

I've celebrated Jade's 22nd birthday
with my Mom,

my girls,

and their kiddos...

I've vacationed with Andy in Rockport, MA,

where we stayed in a lovely cottage

filled with charm

and personality,

and the most perfect sheets and bedding...
It was quiet and relaxing and wonderful...........
Since coming home I've spent a couple of days in meetings at school,
one day working on stuff for a Sunday School teacher's meeting,
and tomorrow I'm off to a workshop on
Brain Research and its Implications in the Classroom
The summer is coming to an end.
But I'm, oh, so grateful for the MEMORIES...
...'til next time!