Thursday, August 19, 2010

In the last ten days...

I've celebrated Jade's 22nd birthday
with my Mom,

my girls,

and their kiddos...

I've vacationed with Andy in Rockport, MA,

where we stayed in a lovely cottage

filled with charm

and personality,

and the most perfect sheets and bedding...
It was quiet and relaxing and wonderful...........
Since coming home I've spent a couple of days in meetings at school,
one day working on stuff for a Sunday School teacher's meeting,
and tomorrow I'm off to a workshop on
Brain Research and its Implications in the Classroom
The summer is coming to an end.
But I'm, oh, so grateful for the MEMORIES...
...'til next time!


  1. SUSAN!!!! YOU are on the same schedule as I am!!! I have had two meeting already, preparing for a new post as the English Teacher PLUS still being a French homeroom teacher teaching science and social studies in French. We had to reconfigure our grade level due to budget crisis. SO NOW.....I am going to be wearing two different linguistic hats!!! YOUR GETAWAY LOOKS FABULOUS! DO you know that I lived in Rockport when we first moved to Mass.? We lived in a little red cottage by the center of town. Oh, what lovely memories....the place you stayed at looks enchanting! I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I wish you well on your return to school! Come over for a summer treat to bid farewell to our vacation.....Anita

  2. Thank you for the update because I missed you. Yes, summer is coming to an end. But that just means FALL!
    Teachers have a heavy load. Getting ready for school isn't just a new pair of shoes! It's all those meetings and classes. I admire you!
    You had some great summer memories.

  3. Oh sweet friend....your Summer was lovely! Your sweet family is adorable {and sooooo are you}.
    The time has come to move into Autumn and back to school...I am always so excited to meet my new students. You have been busy so far with school. I will be back for a workshop and meetings in a weeks time..still one more week for me. We are heading out for one last trip just from Sunday to Wed. and then it is back to a schedule....the bell will be ringing.
    Thank you for all the joys you bring to this blogging world. You always make me smile and warm my heart.
    Hugs. xoxoxo
    ps....your workshop sounds amazing! Enjoy!

  4. Dear Susan, I do enjoy when I read posts like this one. So bright and full of love! Families make gorgeous pictures always!! The kind we can frame and hang on the wall!!!
    Kisses, Susan!! Bela.

  5. Many compliments for your beautiful family Susan!! A hug

  6. Susan! Oh, remember the Orange Julius drinks? And do I remember Friendly's in Massachusetts. Rockport was our first home there, and it was SOOOO different from living in Los Angeles, where I grew up! Just driving to the supermarket (back then, it was Cape Ann Supermarket) in the woods, literally, with hardly any street lights, it made me think, "WOW!" I got used to it and actually loved living in a more rural section of the world. The ocean, the Christmas celebrations with Santa coming in on a lobster boat....what precious fun. Well dearest, classroom prep is now on my list of to-do things, and this weekend I am going to relish every moment of vacation!!!!! You too, n'est-ce pas? Enjoy yourself, get your rest, and let the games begin........Anita

  7. Sue - looks like a wonderful week!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you more often once school starts. I think I'm ready to get back to the routine.

  8. Oh dearest Susan, thank you for your visit today and isn't it stunning to know that WE HAVE NO CLUE as to what HE has prepared for us? We are looking through a foggy, dim mirror, but one day, we shall see HIM as He is ......that is too much for this brain to comprehend, but at least for the time being, He has given us our imaginations to explore and faith to fire up our endeavors. Peace to you as we embark on a new school together!!!!! Anita

  9. Happy Birthday to Jade (belated ;-) ) Looks like you've been having a great time making memories! I love the cottage and the sheets are beautiful! Have a wonderful week!

  10. I so enjoyed my time here visiting your blog in the early morning hours. You sure do have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing the pictures of each of them. The cottage at Rockport must have been so special. Just seeing the pictures gave me a feel of welcome and coziness.

    I admire your role in teaching. I am sure you must face the end of summer with mixed emotions. I wish you a wonderful year ahead! I know you will be a blessing to many, with your warm and caring personality.

  11. As hard as it is to see summer come to an end, I always get excited to begin a new school year. I hope you feel the same. Enjoy your last few days of vacation.