Tuesday, August 31, 2010

so long, summer!

We spent last week-end at a posh beach house
in Point Judith, Rhode Island,
{a village on the coast of Narragansett}
the guests of my youngest daughter’s
wonderful in-laws.

Seven of us took the ferry from Point Judith to Block Island.
I love this pic. It's the shadow cast on the water of the 7 of us as we're waiting to leave the ferry.
So fun! :)

We walked (and walked :) )and shopped,

had lunch,

and enjoyed the

absolutely perfect

summer weather!We enjoyed brunch together

and were entertained by a man who builds rock sculptures.

No glue. Seriously. Amazing.

And the week-end ended all too soon...

{Thank you Dickie and Bonnie}

and it's

Bye, bye, summer!


  1. What wonderful pictures! Looks like you all had a great time! The rock sculptures remind me of my trip to Aruba. People from all over stacked the rocks like that too. We did as well, really neat.

  2. Oh sweet one...what a great way to end your Summer!!!

    Wishing you the best first day ever!!! Only one girl...poor girl!!How did that happen? What grade do you teach?

    We start next week Tuesday...tomorrow is a workshop day.

    I will be thinking of you my friend. OFF WE GO!

    Extra hugs...

  3. Oh Susan dear, first of all, thank you for coming to visit me on the NIGHT BEFORE YOU START SCHOOL!!!!! My students come back to class next Tuesday, Sept. 7 but all this week we have inservices, class prep and TOMORROW IS MY OPEN HOUSE...oh Susan, I have been a French Immersion teacher for 7 years, now I will be teaching English AS WELL...and there is so much to learn to do! I am excited, but at the same time, FRIGHTENED! Give me the job of teaching math in French, how to make an electrical circuit, how to write a French fairytale, but ENGLISH? WHAT? :)

    It was a lovely summer, wasn't it? And your pictures of this magnificent part of our country as splendid. Enjoy your first day of school and GOD BLESS YOU my dear friend!!! Anita

  4. OH! HEEE! I am going to be doing a juggling act this year with writing and teaching! Oh, I did it with my Masters thesis....we'll see!

  5. Wow, sooooo pretty images and so much emotion within the words, dear Susan!!! Friends always make our lives easier, don't you think?
    Kisses!! Bela.

  6. I'm so glad you had so much fun!!
    I LOVE the picture of the shadows from the ferry!!! You can tell how much fun everyone is having without even seeing your faces!!
    LOVE YOU!! :)

  7. Wonderful in-laws are a blessing.
    Lucky you and lucky daughter.

  8. Wow, how special to have in-laws with such a great place to visit. You captured some great moments. I really like the Rock Man but then, the shadow picture is pretty fun.