Tuesday, December 7, 2010

shabby chic photo
I'm feeling very sleepy
 and this bed looks soooo inviting... doesn't it?
Now that's a place for entertaining visions of sugarplums!
Our tree is up and
I've finished quite a bit of my Christmas shopping.  
I am looking forward to relaxing by the fire and
enjoying the sights and sounds of the season!
What are you dreaming of this Christmas?


  1. I think I'm dreaming of sitting down and enjoying quiet. Why is December so crazy?
    Love that bed!!!

  2. Oh, Susan, I have been dreaming exactly about a bed like that cozy one in the pic...I need some extra super hours sleeping. Alone. 48 hs would be GREAT!!!rsrsrsrs...

    Have wonderful dreams always, sweet!! Bela

  3. I AM DREAMING OF EXACTLY THE SAME THING! COme on over and see dearest! Anita

  4. Oh I could just stay in that bed all day...I just got up and I want to cozy up and head back to bed now.

    Yahoo for you... fininshing most of your shopping...I am about half way done...when I think about it I panic so I try to not go there!!!

    Love and Hugs for a great Thursday my sweet friend.xoxoxoxo

  5. i am dreaming of waking up in my own bed with my husband and then only having to go one mile to my parents house to spend the day with my family...then having a wonderful time all together dining and sharing and laughing with the little ones...
    oh wait...that's EXACTLY what's gonna happen!!
    the holidays make me so happy to be home!!

  6. My sister showed me the exact picture that you shared and told me it was her dream bedroom. I think it is a beautiful, dreamy bedroom and I like that you shared it today.

    What do I dream of this Christmas? I dream that I am finished with all Christmas and wedding preparations, allowing me time to relax, share with others, and reflect on life. Sometimes we are just too busy. I like your questions.

  7. Oh dearest, thank you for visiting me; are you excited to have your winter break coming up? I AMMMMMMM! Oh, may God bless you and yours and give you peace and BEAUTY FOR THIS SEASON! Anita

  8. GOOD EVENING DEAR SUSAN! WOW, did you all get our snow storm? WE HAVE SO MUCH, I MEAN SO MUCH SNOW! IT is almost comical to see how buried we are here! Oh my dear friend, YOU BELIEVE! WOOOO HOOOO! Hey, it is all about HIM....your name is in for the glittery giveaway, but what other giveaway can stand up to the grandest of all: GOD'S SON. Have a magnificent Sunday!!! Anita

  9. Just coming by to send you some love for a wonderful week my friend....may Joy be with you and your students all week long.

    Hugs and love.