Saturday, December 18, 2010

semi-homemade student Christmas gifts

I purchased inexpensive hats
($1.50 a piece)

for the kids in my class

and added their names to personalize them.

I used alphabet beads to string their names

and added a silver bell to the very

of each hat.

Then I tucked in a * sweet treat *


An easy-peasy lemon squeezy

Christmas gift for my kiddos

to wear outside for recess on
*chilly *winter days!


  1. Such a cute idea!
    I bet Noelle felt really special with her PINK hat!! :)
    I would like a hat like that for Christmas...
    maybe I'll ask Santa. :)

  2. You do not know how many times I have wanted to do something like this for my students, and YOU DID IT! WHAT DARLING, DARLING GIFTS! YOU have got to be one amazing teacher dearest! THANK YOU FOR SHARING SUCH LOVE WITH THEM and me.....have a wonderful, New England Christmas dear one!!! Anita

  3. Susan, your treat is absolutely lovely and so full of emotion!!!! What a wonderful teacher you are, dear friend!!! They will remember this beautiful deed forever! Love!! Bela

  4. Oh my sweet thoughtful friend....these are darling and sooooooo clever! YOur students are so lucky...I bet it gave you so much JOY to watch their little faces as they received these lovely hats.

    I must remember this much better than a homemade cookie....candy cane and hot chocolate party.

    Enjoy your days up to Christmas....hugs and sooooo much love being sent your Merry way. xoxoxo

  5. I like this gift idea.
    Now you can spot one of "yours" or even hear them.
    You must be everyone's favorite!

  6. Dearest commarade and colleague in are so kind, so sweet and so WONDERFUL to come to my theatre production! And do you know that my husband and I want to try to get those two rodents published? But we were advised to not write more on them on blog for fear that publishers would frown upon them already appearing in public!!! teeeheeee..and that they have done! My friend Penny from Angelsdoor is a sculptor of polymer figurines and she made the most darling Tea Rat for me. She captured his personality that I have created on paper!!! SO MAY YOUR WORDS COME TRUE ONE DAY!! Merry Christmas my dear friend, Anita

  7. A perfect, creative, personalized gift. I am sure they were happy to receive these cute hats.