Tuesday, December 14, 2010

angel hands

 This week-end Dayton and I made a handprint angel.
 He worked very hard...
 We tried to get Olivia to make one too,
but she wanted nothing to do with getting paint on her hands!
The banner says Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.  Luke 2:14

When it was dry, I put it in a simple white frame and showed it to Dayton.

He said, " It's bootifoo."
(Translation: It's beautiful)

It is...
It's a treasure.


  1. It is truly a treasure!!
    He was so excited to show it to me and I was SO impressed!! He is quite the little artist. I have noticed since working together on crafts at Sunday School. He did a great job and now you can look at that little angel and remember that day always. :)
    Maybe Liv will be more into it next year???
    Have a FAB day. LOVE YOU. :)

  2. Ohhh, I'm going to try this with my grandkids. Maybe a surprise for Christmas!
    The angel is really a cute and fun way to show love.

  3. Oh Susan, Olivia and Dayton are soooo cute!!! They are angels from God!! Blessed moments they provide us, don't they?
    Much love for you all!!! Bela

  4. So sweet my friend...that angel turned out adorable in everyway!!!!

    Hugs for a great mid week...enjoy your sweet little ones. Hugs.xoxo

  5. It IS Bootifoo! Very wonderful idea...and what a treasure!!

  6. Hello precious friend! Oh dear, Dayton is a pro, a real artist here!!! I love the blue he has chosen and what better subject than an angel...and Olivia is a darling! Whew...I went home sick yesterday from school and I am home trying to catch up with everyone!!! I cannot believe how sick I was; I couldn't even sit at the computer. Wishing you a fabulous celebration of our dear GOD!!! Anita

  7. These artworks are priceless! Adorable in every way. I cannot throw away, not even the smallest, handmade creation by my little ones.
    Have a happy happy day, Susan xxxx

  8. I just love this project! So adorable!!! Have a great night!

  9. GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS ONE! Oh, that first picture with the little man just tickles me! My favorite doll as a child was a little BOY DOLL named George. I still have him and I have two other little rubber boy dolls that I just adore. I liked little baby girl dolls too, but the boys were are always so darn adorable, and to this day, my little boy students just tickle my heart....speaking of which, today is our last day and we are ending it with a sledding party next door at the middle school where there are BIG SLOPS....first aid, here we come! Then...hot cocoa in the classrooms and then EVERYBODY is off to start the festivities. I am much better now dearest, THANK YOU.....but I don't think I will be eating white beans with cumin for a while.....

    May your day on Tuesday be filled with much joy and LOVE that will sparkle like the stars of the sky! You are entered into my giveaway as well!

    Fondly, Anita

  10. Dear friend Susan, I wish you and your wonderful family the best xmas ever!!! May your days be filled with joy and care and much much peace!!! Thanks for every sweet word you dedicated me and my work this year, Susan.
    Love love love!!! Bela

  11. My son did this years ago and I still get his picture out every Christmas. I should frame it like you have done. Thanks for the idea.

    Blessings and best wishes to you and your family at this blessed and special time of year.

    Merry Christmas!