Monday, September 6, 2010

D is for Dinosaur D is for Dayton

I made a dinosaur cake for
Dayton's 3rd birthday.

He was
to see
his favorite
and mine(Stegasaurus) too!

I know they look like Play-doh, but I made them from fondant so they were edible.

Dayton's expressions and emotions ran the gamut as he sang happy birthday to me,
opened gifts, kissed, hugged and thanked his gazillion friends and relatives (LUCKY DUCK!),
and ate cake, cupcakes, pizza, and whatever else his little heart desired! :)
Auntie Crystal made the party favors
(dinosaur sugar cookies and mini dinos)

What a FUN day!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

I love Dayton,

I love Dayton,

I love Dayton

I love him all the (time)!


  1. SUSAN!!!! The first day that I came to D IS FOR DINOSAUR, there were no images!!!!! Somehow, they got lost? BUT WOW! I LOVE THAT GREEN DINO YOU MADE FROM FONDANT!!! ANd what a lucky little man, to have all those colorful goodies to EAT! He is so darling....

    Thank you sweet friend for your visit! Whew....I can't wait for the weekend! My own homeroom students are as calm and kind as can be. The other class to whom I teach is a little trickier. Hmmmmmm....challenges, challenges!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK that remains!!! Anita

  2. Oh what cute cute cake for a beautiful beautiful boy!
    Happy belated birthday, Susan.
    Wishing you a happy Thursday! xxx

  3. What a sweet and cute birthday party, dear Susan!!! The cake is so so so pretty!!!!! Dayton is the cutest boy, Susan!!

    Tight hugs!!!! Bela.

  4. Sweet post, Mom!! Thanks for the pic of my Goodie Bags. The dino cookies were the only way I could steal a few minutes with the birthday boy.
    Love the series of all his expressions!! He makes the BEST faces!! :)
    Love ya!!

  5. Dayton is a lucky guy, not to mention cute and photogenic. He looks like he is having a blast.