Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Estate Auction

My brother and my husband worked really hard preparing for
 the Estate Auction we had last Saturday.

  We auctioned off the contents of my Dad's HUGE barn.

Dad had machinery and all the tools he used when he was an auto mechanic

 as well as an impressive collection of antique tools.

among other things...

As much as I knew we had to settle and "deal" and sell and clean out...

There were moments when all I could think was

my Dad's fingerprints are on everything ...

It makes me even more appreciative of the "treasures" I find.
Some of the things I've purchased bear the fingerprints of someone else's loved one.


  1. It was a...strange day...
    Definitely difficult...

    I love your pictures!!

    You should see the ring I found now that it's all cleaned up. :) I am going to get it sized and cleaned professionally. :) Can't wait til I can wear it.

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Oh dearest, I know that feeling. My mom and dad both died within two weeks of each other while I was living in Massachusetts, but of course, I spent 3 months with them up until their passing. My father had a garage full of tools that he had WELL before I was born and some of them were exquisite tools that I remember him using when I was a child. It is hard to say goodbye, and I love how you said that "My dad's fingerprints are all over these tools...." That is so true.


  3. Oh sweet one...what a touching post! I think that would of been so hard. Just keep those memories close to your heart. Hugs!

    Hope school is going well for you my dear. xoxoxo

  4. Susan , that is an amazing post. So full of memories and love. Hope your heart is fine.

    Tight hugs!!!! Bela.

  5. I keep rereading this heart felt post. It hit me hard because I understand how hard it is to let go of the preciouse items that your Dad once held.
    I have several shirts that my Dad wore, and I sometime put them on just to feel close to him again.

  6. SUSAN! Thank you for coming by dear; Oh, I have such a case of laryngitis...but my little ones are picking up the cues and are helping me get everyone's attention so I don't have to talk much!!!! I guess there is a blessing in having laryngitis; they kids learn compassion!!!

    Bisous, Anita

  7. It is so good to be back visiting your blog again. Your dad's finger prints made me cry. I love the thoughts of my dad's finger prints on his things. How special that you could go through all of his things. Was it sad to sell the things?
    Your family reunion pictures were so much fun to look at. I liked seeing all the smiles on the faces. What a gift our families are!
    Hope you are doing well. I think of your whenever I send one of your cards from the giveaway gift.

  8. Ma quanti oggetti particolari aveva il tuo papà!!.....
    Un abbraccio