Tuesday, October 4, 2011

oh, dear, oh deer!

Have you ever 
you had'nt left 
your telephoto lens 
at home?


  1. Oh yeah my friend....

    So happy to visit you...hope you are well. Thank you for visiting me! Hope your year is going well at school. It seems to be flying by ...xoxoxo

  2. Susan, your image is perfect!!! Pure delight!
    I wish you all are fine and healthy!!
    Love, Bela

  3. But you got a great shot! The leaves on that tree are beautiful. I love the picture.

  4. It's still a great picture!! Love the light on the leaves. :) Where were you?? Talk about living in the boonies, the other day I had to step over a chicken to get my mail!! The funny part is that the two chickens that live across the street never left the yard until they put a fence up!! Now that are always in the road and over in our yard!! The irony!! Maybe they should take the fence down!! K says the chickens must be mad that they put up the fence!! ;)

  5. oooh how sweet.
    the picture is great as is, susan.
    it's *real* and that's what tugs
    our heart strings. well, that and
    the fact it's such an amazing
    animal ..

  6. I think it a gorgeous shot anyway, Susan! What a lovely surprise to find this cutie. Wish they were in my area too.
    Happy hugs for a lovely day xoxoxox

  7. Hugs to you my sweet friend...thank you for all your lovely comments that you leave me. xoxoxo