Tuesday, May 3, 2011

just ducky!

introducing "Sweetie" fresh from the incubator

and his/her siblings

... little sleepyheads!


  1. AAAWWWW!!!!!
    I feel like a proud momma since i played a part in keeping them alive!! ;)
    What a sweet lil creature!!!

  2. What a cute little face. They are sweet.
    Are they for some project or just pleasure?

  3. Total magic. Is this from your classroom dearest? Simply darling!!! Anita

  4. So sweet!!! Susan, what a lovely and cute post!!
    Much love!!

  5. Oh, so sweet! I love the last shot, where they are snuggling together :0)
    B xxx

  6. Oh my goodness sweet friend...really is there anything in this world that is as adorable as a sweet little duckling.
    What a great idea...we once were able to hatch chicks at our school but with the bird flu scare a while back we had to stop. Hope one day we can continue.

    So what great things do you have up for Mother's day my friend???

    Sending you ooodles of love...hugs. xoxoxoxxoxo

  7. We used to hatch chicks when I taught kindergarten but switched to ducks. They are way more fun for the kids to interact with not to mention cuter.

  8. Oooooh, so sweet!
    Have a wonderful mother's day, dearest sweet Susan.Say hi to Crystal for me :o)

  9. Oh this duck is SO CUTE...and thank you sweet Susan for your kind words and may YOU be a special blessing to your children as well....what a marvelous thing to be in the circle of life. Praise HIM!!!! Anita