Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blooms I gathered from "up on the hill."
May your week-end be filled with
the sweet delights of Springtime !


  1. Oh dearest, this is so pretty; I need that because the END OF THE YEAR SCHOOL responsibilities are eating away at my sanity!!! Be well, Anita

  2. Morning sweet friend...these are delightfully sweet. I love wild blooms the BEST!!! My daughters would come in with bunches of pretty wild flowers when they were younger...always filled with bugs but we didn't care.

    Hope all is well.. soon it will be summer again...I always remember your summer list from last you have one for this year? But whatever you do do not paint over your pink door. Hugs and love for a great new week my sweet friend....xoxoxox {do you have fb? .....your sweet daughter and I keep in contact that way..maybe I can find you.} Hugs. xoxoxo

  3. Yay for Spring and lovely flowering blooms!! :)
    Love this pics, Mom. LOVE YOU!!

  4. Your little bouquet is the sweetest, Susan. Have a great start to the new week o xx o