Monday, February 14, 2011

with love.


  1. The cake was fun to do. I also used cake mixes. I had purchased 6 red velvet cake mixes awhile back on; so it was already in my cupboard. How fun to see your cake. Each one is different.

  2. YUM! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! :)

    I hope it involves at least one sweet treat. :)

  3. A Happy and Blessed Valentine's Day to you and yours Susan!!! What a beautiful photo and the cake looks so good :)


  4. Hi sweet friend...thank you so much for playing along in my crazy cake idea. Yours turned out amazing!!! I do adore the pink heart! You really are a true blue friend to join along...thank you sooooo much.

    Hugs and love for the perfect day...find love everywhere you go today. xoxoxoxo

  5. OH!!! YOU MADE ONE TOO!!! Saskia's, Koralee's and your's are just WONDERFUL DEAREST!!! HAPPY DAY! Anita

  6. Oh my! Very yummy.... so delicious looking! I think I should go bake a cake!

    With Kindness,

  7. You defiantly know how to use your camera. Great picture and the cake is great too!
    I'm trying to figure out how you created it.
    (Of course the heart is pink!)

  8. Awesome job, Momma!!!
    Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!!
    LOVE YOU!!

    I just posted some pictures from our Sunday School party. :)

  9. Your cake turned out lovely Susan! I did not manage to get the heart in the middle. I will manage though one fine day but for the nest 100 days no more cake for me ;)
    I hope you have had a loveliest of Valentines!
    Hugs and Love xoxoxoxox

  10. We did have a lovely evening, having a "couch picnic"!!!

    Have a perfect day dearest, Anita

  11. oh wow, that looks amazing!
    well done. I wasn't game enough to try it this time, it definitely looks like fun ♥

  12. Dear Susan, first of all, your cake is pretty and I bet it is delicious!!!! Congratulations!!
    And then, Aila is the happiest little one on Earth!!! She is around with her new sweet book and painting and smiling!!!! I took pictures and I will send you them!!!! Thanks so much dear Susan, our hearts are singing!!!
    Much love to YOU! Bela

  13. beautiful!
    happy wk Susan!