Saturday, February 12, 2011

in the pink

Flowers seem the solace of ordinary humanity.

~John Ruskin

There's something

quite appealing about
tulips in the snow...

 and mini cupcakes

frosted to look like

pink roses

for a valentine party...

But the sweetest little flower

I've seen lately is the

most recent addition to our family.

Introducing my 

great niece...
 God bless you, sweet baby.


  1. She is adorable...and I love her name.

    Love your new look over here too. xoxoxoxo

    Happy Valentine's day for MONDAY!

  2. So many things to say, dear Susan!!
    First of all, Violet May is adorable! She looks like an angel!! God bless her way always!

    And, your banner is fantastic!! I love it!!

    And, Happy Valentine´s Day sweet friend, Susan!! Here in Brasil Valentine´s Day is in June, 12th. In the winter. I wish you have a great hearty Monday!!!

    And finally, I wish your week is filled with love and peace!! Much love! Bela

  3. PRECIOUS FRIEND!!!!SHE IS SO ADORABLE! I have a perfect drawing for her...I will get it to you soon, after the dust settles from all the work we have been doing on our renovation. SHE HAS A BEAUTIFUL FACE, and she looks like a VIOLET! Don't you just love that name? Thank you for visiting me dearest; I was so busy yesterday with moving furniture that I could not post my new post. I am so glad you enjoy the little card I drew and glittered. God bless you and your family and enjoy your new little Valentine Violet!!! BISES, Anita

  4. * violet may *
    . . . is a perfectly lovely name for such a precious little bundle of baby. congratulations to your great niece!

    your header :: swoon!

    love the pink against white. love everything.

  5. Morning sweet friend....just read your sweet comment.

    I started that heart cake yesterday and had a problem with the easiest part...the white cakes...they would not come out of the pans..and I got new non-stick I will try again today. Wish me luck as I have not even started the hard part yet.

    If you do make this cake let me know and I would love to post an image...mine will go up good or bad!!

    Hugs for a great day...and I don't think you copied me at all!!!! We both have the same great taste! {tee hee} is just so nice to have different fonts to play around with now.I love sharing ideas...thats what makes it FUN

    Happy day to you....and Valentine's tomorrow. oxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

  6. I know your favorite color is Pink but now it might be Violet!