Tuesday, February 22, 2011

snow friends

It all started a couple of weeks back, when
Crystal"Auntie Extraordinaire" & Dayton
went out to play in the snow.
They came in with
"the best snowball ever!"
according to Dayton. :)
Then they went back out to fill a ziplock bag with snowballs
to save for a snowball fight next summer! :)

and were the inspiration for the
that Livi and I made this week...

But, as fun as it was,
We're still...

{thank you for the inspiration, Koralee! }
...and looking forward to
hanging up our winter coats,
delighting in warmer weather and l o n g e r days,
admiring the crocuses
as they

google images

I'm ready for
basking in the
How about you?


  1. As I look out my window, it's snowing here!
    Yes, I'm ready for Spring.
    Snowballs, Snowmen,Snowprincesses, all very special.
    Yes, you do have a daughter who is "Auntie Extraordinaire"!

  2. Oh Susan, I was trumped by lovely weather last week, and I too posted on the hope of spring, only to get socked on Sunday morning all the way through MONDAY NIGHT with 18 inches! Koralee's beautiful flowers really woke me up with joy! YOUR SNOW MEN ARE ADORABLE!!!!! Have a fabulous day at school, Anita

  3. These are adorable!!! I just LOVE snowmen! :-)
    Yes....I am so ready for Spring! :-0

    Have a great day!


  4. perfect post, love all the adorable pics, made smile - Jennifer

  5. Your snow people are lovely...they made me smile this afternoon.

    OH and your tissue blossoms turned out amazing...thank you for giving them a go...you are always soooooo sweet my friend.

    Stay cozy and warm ....when can I stop saying this to you?...Miss Spring where are YOU???

    hugs. xoxoxo

  6. Susan, what a lovely post!!! Wonderful!! Angels making angels!!! Dayton is cute!! I bet Livi is so cute too!!
    Sorry for my lack of time to send you the pics!!! I took them at the moment Aila got your envelope!! We are traveling tomorrow morning and it is a mess all around here...promise you I will do it as soon as possible!!

  7. My precious friend,

    YOU ARE OFF THIS WEEK? YIPEEEE! And you too are involved in projects? WOWOOWOWHHHHHOOOOO! We are almost done. Ruben is finishing painting the dining room and then our chandelier goes back up, the harvest table back in and the FUN for me begins...the DECORATING! My sweet husband does all the grunt work! He is on sabbatical and was supposed to write a book!!! YIKES! He got caught up for two months now with this project, but this weekend, he is DONE!

    HAVE FUN and enjoy every moment of your nesting!!! BISES, Anita

  8. I am sooooooo with you, dearest Susan. Bring on Spring! The snow creatures are pretty though. ..
    Have a happy Friday xxxxx

  9. I just spent the last 15 minutes reading through all the posts that I had missed lately. You are certainly a creative lady in blogland. What you all did with snow is so much fun. I love seeing each picture. I liked your tulip post, and the beautiful, caring tribute you made to your mother. My visit was most enjoyable. Thank you! And, yes I am eager for Spring.

  10. Good morning Susan dear! Oh, quiet. After 50 enthusiastic students and not getting much sleep, THE SILENCE is all I can think about!!!! Peace and love to you on this snowy day in Minnesota!!! Anita

  11. Thanks for your sweet note the other day my friend....you always know how to make me feel good. Weekend hugs. xoxo

  12. Your snow people are adorable. What a wonderful idea to save some snowballs for summer. It snowed here on and off all day yesterday, but most of it didn't stick. Today it's sunny and cold. If we get another snowstorm, I'm saving some like you suggested :-)

  13. I had to come back a post and be your comment lucky #13 :)
    What a fun day (other than the nerve damage in my fingers from making those snowballs...they just wouldn't cooperate with my mittens on!!)
    I just love just love hanging out with Dayt and venturing into "The Great White Unknown." a.k.a. the world past the deck. :)
    Fun in the snow or none, though, I'll take Spring right this very second, thank you very much!!! :)

  14. O how I want to watch the 'Anne' movies! We watched them over and over when my children were homeschooling. But we only have the Video sets. We have not been able to afford to purchase them on DVD yet and all we have is a DVD player now. :( I really do miss watching them. I too don't mind being sick as long as I don't need to go to a Doctor(especially now that we do not have medical insurance since hubby got laid off). Thank you for the well wishes. ox

  15. I wanted to tell you that you can get rid of that black appearing in your background by going into the template designer and clicking on background then just chose white. If you need help just ask me.