Friday, January 21, 2011

{i heart children's literature}

On Monday, we're kicking off a Read-a-thon at school!
We've begun inviting  "celebrities" from the community
to read their FAVORITE books to the children.

Of course, this got me
thinking about my FAVORITE children's books.
{There are SO MANY!}

When I was a child it was

partly because
I just loved having my Mom read to me.
 {And she used to call me "Sam-I-am."}

On this particular day,
a sweet little field mouse
named Frederick,
has captured my heart.

Do you have a FAVORITE children's book
that has tugged at your heartstrings?

Book covers~google images
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
Frederick by Leo Lionni


  1. When I was little, I loved "Where the Wild Things Are." :) And when I was a little older it was "A Book of Princess Stories," that I made Dad read to me over and over. They were perfect for bedtime because they were about fifteen or twenty pages each. :)
    Now, I love reading to the kiddos!! I try to lovingly suggest "Oh, The Places You'll Go" or "A Giraffe and a Half." :)
    Children's book are the best!!
    AND...consider yourself SPONSORED!! I would love to support you in your read-a-thon! LOVE YA!! :)

  2. The best and most often read book for me was, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald. I get goose bumps just thinking about some of the stories and looking at the pictures.

  3. I do!!!! Oh, Susan, what wonderful memories came up now!! My favorite book was "As Aventuras de Anita"(trying to translate: Anita's Adventures). Oh, I love all the collection. There were 5 books telling the adventures of lovely Anita. So good to remember!!
    Aila adores books, she pretends she is reading, that is cute and funny!
    Thanks for this special post! Love! Bela

  4. Good morning precious colleague in arms, friend and sister in LOVING CHILDRENS' LIT.!

    Oh dear, I have so many favorites. In fact, you know I want to illustrate and write childrens' books FOR ADULTS. My favorites are in French but whatever catches my attention is always enchanting to me. You see, I did not grow up with a lot of reading. My mom was illiterate. I basically got introduced to a wider variety of literature as an adult. Maybe that is why I want to address adults.. But Madeline was a favorite and that is what started my love for FRANCE, PARIS, and all that!!!

    ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND and have FUNNNNNNN with the kids! GROSSES BISES, Anita

  5. Jip en Janneke, written by the, in the Netherlands, famous Annie M.G. Schmidt.
    I threw the sweet Susan in the big Giveaway hat, fingers crossed for YOU.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Susan xxx

  6. Oh I have sooooo many..."Goodnight Moon" for younger children..when I was little I had all of the of Dr. Suess books..Go Dog GO...I adored. Especially the last page when they were all having a party on that big tree...oh how I alway wished I had a tree like that!

    Happy MOnday to you my friend....make it a good week....January is almost gone...can you believe that??? Hugs xo

  7. I love "The Jolly Postman" by Janet and Alan Allberg. Every page is an envelope with a full size copy of the letter the postman is delivering inside. You can take out the letter and read it. I loved reading this book to the children in my class more than they enjoyed listening to it I think! You have a beautiful blog, sending smiles, Em xxx