Thursday, January 13, 2011


Snow day yesterday.
Even my husband got the day off!

Two hour delay today... 
The calm after the storm.
                                                                          So pretty.

Is it blanketed with snow in your corner of the world?


  1. Susan, dear, it is so so so hot around here...sewing is not that easy...
    Enjoy cups of hot tea and cocoa!!! Love! Bela

  2. Good evening dearest one! I just got home from work, it is quite late with snow falling here as well! Oh, my memories of Mass. in the wonderful. I lived in Rockport my first year there and it is there where I saw my first snowflake, ever. But now, I HAVE MY SHARE here in Minnesota! Dearest, I just got my mail....I see something from MASS........hmmmmmmm?????? I am staying home tomorrow; I will make a wonderful, quite spot and time for myself to enjoy opening this sweet gesture...and come back. Have a lovely evening, Anita

  3. You definately have a way with the camera! Your pictures a beautiful. It must have snowed all over the United States because we recieved snow on Tuesday night and NO school on Wednesday! (I didn't take pictures).

  4. Oh my friend...snow seemed to have fallen everywhere yesterday....I so enjoyed my day..sounds like yours was very productive!!! What a blessing to us all.

    Sending you oodles of warm winter hugs for a wonderful weekend...stay cozy.

    Our rain has come once again and has washed all our snow away!!! boo hoo....snow boots away...rain boot are now out once again.

  5. OH MY GOOOOOODNESS! SUSAN!!!!!! I am sending YOU something now.....I JUST LOVE THE JOURNALS and the little ballerina mouse? SPLENDID! Rattus and Tea are ecstatic!!!! SHE IS SITTING IN A LITTLE WOODEN COTTAGE! I am off today...I had to get a sub. Too much to do here at home!

    You will be hearing from me.....many hugs and blessings to you dear heart, Anita

  6. Love Love LOVE your snow pics. Chuckled at the one with Buddy dutifully at "Biddy's" heels. :)
    I am just about to post a BLIZARD BLOG of my own. :) Love ya <3

  7. SUSAN!!!! Oh yes, I so love writing and teaching youngsters how to go beyond the page. Language is my thing; I can learn it even at my age, and I think it is due to loving it...I plunge in. Just between you and me, I am not great at math, even though I have taught it IN FRENCH! But this year, I am strictly teaching science and social studies IN FRENCH and then teaching English language arts. What fun. Oh dearest, truly, I so love the parcel and my journals will be filled with great memories and love. You have a beautiful day filled with magic!!! Anita

  8. You captured the blizzard perfectly pretty Susan. Winter Wonderland!
    We are out of snow, enjoying rain and wind, it looks like Fall... but do throw a snowball for me, will you?
    Love to YOU xxxx Have a sweet Saturday and Sunday xxx

  9. Such pretty pictures! Enjoy the snow, stay warm and have a lovely weekend!

  10. Isn't it fun to get a break in the middle of a week? You sure do a good job in capturing the exquisite snow beauty with your camera. Hope you enjoyed it all.

  11. These snowy pics make me so thankful for te sun today :) The snow WAS gorgeous but I am ready for some sun!