Monday, January 24, 2011

arctic freeze

With temperatures hovering around 


and a chilly classroom


it was a perfect day...

for polar bears !

You thought I'd say  hot cocoa didn't you?
{Well, it was a good day for that too!}

We decided tonight was the ideal night 
steamy homemade turkey soup , 
brown and serve rolls.


  1. Oh no....I will send you my warmest winter parka...everyone alway thinks Canada is so cold but really on the West Coast here it is sooooo mild..Drink you hot chocolate my friend and have a cup for me....warm cozy hugs to you. xoxoxoxo

  2. No school? Do you have to make up these days?
    Sending you warm thoughts, with hopes you all are comfortable.

  3. and all i could think was ...

    "she has pink marshmallows!"

    jAne :o)

  4. Yummi!! So delicious post you have today, dear Susan!!! It so hot in here I cannot picture all your words...
    Have a wonderful time, with a delicious soup you certainly will!!! Love! Bela

  5. NUMMMMMMMMMM-a num num!!!!!

    I LOVE TURKEY SOUP and that sounds just wonderful to me! WE TOO HAD 30 below the other night, but yesterday it warmed up to about 20 was actually quite nice! HOW ARE YOU DEAREST?

    Stay comfy...our classroom is also VERY COLD!!! My sweethearts are NOT getting a second recess outside these days...I am NOT standing out there watching them run while I freeze!

    BISOUS, Anita

  6. Hi, Susan,
    As a retired teacher, I have been in that chilly classroom before (and sometimes too hot classroom). Your dinner sounds delicious, and of course, the hot chocolate and polar bears, too!! Thank you for your dedication in teaching our children. I appreciate you very much! Have a terrific week, sweet friend. Love and hugs to you! Vicki

  7. HaHa!! A perfect day for Polar Bears, indeed!!!! Just not for we humans!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your warm yummies in front of a warm fire!!
    Bring on Spring!! :)

  8. love the post! it made me smile!
    lovely blog!

  9. Dear Susan!! I am soooo happy with your words!! Aila is going to LOVE her gift, for sure! I hope you wrote your address on the package so that I can thank you in a proper way!!
    Little Aila is sitting here, beside me, on the floor, handling a band-aid, a colorful one I bought for her. She has just discovered it sticks...oh, the walls!!!rsrs...
    Have a nice and cozy day, dear Susan! I hope your family are fine! Do not worry, spring is soon knocking on your door!!! Love ! Bela

  10. DEAREST SUSAN! REPORT CARDS ARE OVER! For now...Yes, I finished mine last week because Friday was the day to send them home. Did you ever get my card dear one? AND I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER! Did you take that photo? I am going to have to really start taking more photos and this summer I intend on sharpening my photo skills. Well, let us keep counting down to warmer days and SPRING BREAK!! Thank you sweet one for coming to visit. I think next week I will start showing some of the progress on our two-room addition!!!

    BISES, Anita