Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seek peace...

I think Francis of Assisi was onto something... 

I wish you peace...


  1. Wow, this is beautiful.
    Your calligraphy is wonderful.

  2. Thank YOU dear Susan!!! This is just what I need after a full day. May your days be always peaceful and bright!!!
    Kisses!! Bela.

  3. It is by forgiving that I am forgiven...
    Love your post, Mom. :)
    LOVE YOU, TOO ;)

  4. He definitely "got" life right. I was once long ago blessed to visit the cave where he lived... such a humbling experience as I sat there thinking of the animals and people that he loved so much. And God...first of all - God!
    So happy to have found you and to have become your 56th follower!

  5. THIS IS WHAT I WANT....Peace, inner, outer, world...this is what I want for Christmas!!! PeACE TO YOU MY DEAR! ANITA

  6. Dropping by to wish YOU a blessed weekend, dear Susan!!! Kisses! Bela:)

  7. What a lovely reminder of the journey to peace.

  8. Hello, Susan, my friend,
    Thank you for this beautiful post and the reminder to seek peace always!! The prayer by St. Francis has always been a favorite of mine, such wonderful words of wisdom. Enjoy your beautiful autumn weekend~love always~Vicki

  9. Oh my these today! I am so going to take your advice!

    About my new header...yup..I put 3 images together!

    Hope your weekend was amazing in everyway.

    Hugs for a great Monday. xoxoxox

  10. oh forgot to tell you how much I love your new banner/header! xoxoxo

  11. Hello Kindred Spirit.... This is my first time visit but when I saw your list of favorite movies and books, it appears we enjoy similar things.

    Enjoyed my visit very much! Here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.