Monday, October 25, 2010

must see...

In between school and a school committee meeting tonight, 
my friend Susan and I went to see

We loved this movie!

An extraordinary true story!

Treat yourself to a wonderful film...
and popcorn...
of course!

PS Happy Birthday, Teresa!
Love you!


  1. Oh, thank you for telling us this!
    Nobody I know has commented on this movie.
    Now it is on my list of "go-see".

    You have been busy!

  2. Oh my sweet friend...I am soooo going to see this one...thanks for the review...Happy Birthday to your friend.

  3. I have to see this, I LOVE HORSES!!! Oh, our conferences are coming up soon and I am not looking forward to conferencing with 100 parents! ENJOY YOUR DAY DEAR ONE! Anita

  4. Good morning dear and fellow educator! Here I am, preparing for our WORDS THEIR WAY WORD SORT ACTIVITY....but just wanted to stop in quickly to thank you for your well wishes and sympathy!!!! YIKE! Well, we do what we can, right? ENJOY YOUR DAY DEAREST! Anita

  5. My husband and I saw this the weekend it came out and loved it! I highly recommend it...Marcia

  6. I look forward to seeing it as I remember the third race well. I just heard a trivia question yesterday about how many letters can be in a race horse's name (so it can fit in the program). Do you know how many?

  7. I love a horse race!!! I would undoubtedly love this film. I hardly ever go to the movies (unless it's after a "Twihard" party) :) :) :)
    But I will add it to our Netflix queue. :)
    LOVE YA!!!

  8. Morning my friend...hope you don't mind I mentioned you in my post this morning...have a great day...a pro D day here.


  9. Dear Susan, enjoy every single moment this weekend!! I wish you joy and happiness!!!
    Got curious about the movie:o)
    Love!! Bela.