Saturday, October 9, 2010

hello jack frost!

Summer sunshine is a sweet memory...
and tonight the weatherman forecasts frost on the pumpkin!
Time to throw a log in the fireplace and pop in a movie!
Any suggestions?


  1. Oh wow! FROST? We had an 80 degree day today! Oh, I suggest LORD OF THE RINGS or Miss Potter...that's just me! And of course, a bowl of popcorn!!! ENJOY SUSAN! Anita

  2. Hummmm...I'm the sentimental type. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in, Something's Got to Give, is one I'd like to see again. Oh, course anything with Diane Keaton is good.

    Enjoy the evening!

  3. Dear Susan, so good to hear from you!! Is this on the image your house? Such lovely, cozy place it might be, Susan!!! The weather is becoming cold there and around here spring already brings a sample of how hot our summer will long as we have beaches nearby that will be our destination!!
    Our Sunday has just started! I hope your Sunday is blessed and full of special things!!!
    Kisses! Bela.

  4. Oh sweet friend I adore your sweet and cozy...your images are amazing! You know how much I love that pink door of yours!

    Stay cozy my friend...with a cup of tea and a fire in the fireplace..xoxoxoxox

    Thanks for all your caring words about Molly! xoxo

  5. "I've...had the time of my liiiiiife, and I owe it all to yooooouuuuu."
    I heard that song on the radio on my ride home from work and it made me wanna watch "Dirty Dancing." I haven't seen it in so long and it's one of my favorites. :)
    Wouldn't be a bad day for "Anne of Green Gables."
    Anne: I went looking for my ideals outside myself and discovered it's not what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it. The dreams dearest to my heart are right here.
    Gil: Well, I hope you keep on dreaming. It will be three years before I finish medical school, and even then there won't be any diamond sunbursts or marble halls...
    Anne: I don't want sunbursts or marble halls. I just want... you.

    It doesn't get much better than that!! :)

    LOVE YOU!!

  6. That's my favorite quote from Anne of Green Gables! I found a porcelain Anne doll at Sally's for $5.00 the other day! Of course I had to get it for Livi! So cute!

  7. SUSAN! OH dear you came fast tonight! Oh, we did not get the day off for Columbus Day! However, the day was wonderful because I am finally getting a rhythm to my new duties are ENGLISH TEACHER TO TWO CLASSES and French social studies and science teacher! WOOOO! Lots of work...but the teacher's conferences weekend is coming and I am staying home for that one!Thank you for your gracious compliments! YES, I was homecoming queen and the young man helping me down from the coach was my BOYFRIEND or rather wonderful friend. I taught myself the harp about 11 years ago, and I have never had a teacher. I play quite well, but I am no way at a level to record! I enjoy it very, very much, and my husband bought me my dream harp. I started out with a small Celtic harp with 27 strings, but now I have my Lyon and Healy lever harp which resembles a pedal harp. This company makes the CREAM OF THE CROP harps and it was a Christmas present last year. Thank you so much for your kindness Susan! Enjoy a great week at school...Anita

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  9. Oh! I really would like your pink door! I love it! Now how did you talk everyone in to letting you do that??? I don't know if I could here....But I think I may have to try:))))
    Have a wonderful weekend...we have snow already:(


  10. Hi Susan,
    I am Susan, too, but usually go by Suz. I love your pink door! Just beautiful. I live in a grey house with a fuschia door and purple shutters but most of my inside walls are light pink!

  11. Hi Susan Sweetie...
    I am Country Wings in Phoenix your newest follower. I am so thrilled to meet you. Koralee talked about your beautiful pink door in her post today so I had to pop right over and see too. It is beautiful. I love it with the paint color that you chose. It just pops sweetie.

    Please stop by and say hi if you get a chance, I love meeting new bloggers and making new friends.

    Have a spoo-tacular Halloween.

    Country hugs, Sherry

    I can't wait to browse around your blog a little more and see what all you have to share.

  12. A girl after my own heart! I love your pink door my favourite colour!!
    Pamela from French Buttons