Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wedding in the summertime

The wedding was beautiful!
The flowers were PINK! :) One of the two flower girls

walked down the aisle with the ring bearer

with confidence and a smile.

One needed a little coaxing.

She agreed to walk down with the maid of honor.
The location was lovely...

everything was in bloom at the vineyard.

The groom's pastor Dad married the happy couple.

:) And his Mom, my friend, Susan,

didn't stop smiling all day! :)


The bride and groom had their engagement photos taken

while bike riding and that became their theme.

Guests signed their framed engagement photo.

The centerpieces continued the bicycle motif.

The cake was simply darling.

...and the happy couple danced the night away!

...a delightful day indeed!



  1. Awww...beautiful wedding. I like the simple countryside style that seems to be 'in' for weddings nowadays. It's so much more comfortable. The more extravagant the more stressful, I think. This looks like a perfect day!

    I wonder if they will be bicycling on their honeymoon?

    PS the new template background you have here is the one I used to put my linen one on. So if you ever decide that you want to try other free backgrounds from the background fairy or shabby blog backgrounds you can on this template.

  2. Oh how I love weddings and this one looks delightful.
    Thank you for all your sweet comments.
    I finally sent a little something your took me forever.
    I am finding myself so busy...this Summer is going to fly by.
    Hugs for a great week...we have got our HOT weather ...35celsius..not sure what that works out in fahrenheit..I think 95.
    Anyways sending you some Summer Fun!

  3. There is something special about an outdoor wedding.
    Great pictures. I'm sure your friend will appreciate your talents.
    Cute couple!

  4. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE and the perfect wedding setting! Dearest Susan, I missed this post! Forgive me! We are busy cleaning and getting ready for a yardsale!

    ENJOY THE ResT OF THE SUMMER....before you know it, school will be back in session!

    Bisous, Anita

  5. Your photos captured it all perfectly!

  6. All these pictures are so so lovely, the first one won my heart. Love love looooove the idea of flowers + chair!
    Sending many hot Summer wishes your way for a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, Susan. xxx

  7. AWwwe...some! I love weddings, and the details of it all.. always will! ;) I really like the idea of having it in or near a vineyard. The bike idea is also really neat! I also love seeing what the children will do that are walking down the aisle, that is the best after seeing the groom's 1st expression. Thank you for sharing the love.... and blessings to your site! I adore the castle at the top! xx Jenn

  8. The details and planning of this wedding certainly were well thought out and the results were so beautiful! I liked the bicycle theme throughout, and the jars of pink flowers on the chairs up the isle. How special for you to be part of such a special occasion. Thank you for sharing this perfectly done outdoor wedding.