Friday, July 2, 2010

God bless America land that I love...

The flags are waving

in the summer breeze...

There's a cake in the oven for my daughter, Jade's cook-out tomorrow, that will look like
this when it's decorated.

But , my husband and I won't be going to the cook-out.

We'll be packing up our bags

and heading north to attend

the wedding

of my very dear friends' son,

{who happens to share my birthday}

It will be held at

Zorvino Vineyards

in Sandown, New Hampshire.

I'm sure I'll have plenty of beautiful pictures to share.

I L.O.V.E weddings!

What are you doing this

July 4th Week-end?

There's still time

to sign up

for my giveaway!

Just leave a sweet comment


And whatever you do,

I hope your holiday is FAB!



  1. Smart looking post!
    Even the suitcases are red, white & blue.
    I love weddings, too. Have fun.

  2. SUSAN!!! YOu are going to have a blast, I know it! New Hampshire is so beautiful this time of year, or always, in my opinion! I made an angels food cake for my husband on which to dump strawberries and blueberries, so we are ringing in the fourth!Thank you for coming to see my travel post. We went to the Korbel champagne winery and champagne rocks!!!

    Much affection, Anita

  3. Oh you must try it dear! It is elegant, fruity, refreshing, pretty and perfect for a summer day on the porch. DO IT! Anita

  4. Oh sweet friend...have a grand old time ..oh how I adore weddings!
    Happy 4th of July...I hope those are your fireworks I hear all the way up here in Canada. oxoxo

  5. What a fun "red, white and blue" post.
    Enjoy the wedding . . .

  6. Hi, Susan,
    I am sure you enjoyed your 4th!! I look forward to hearing about the wedding, too. I had fun with my family on the 4th, fireworks, parades, and so on. Aren't we fortunate to live in this great country? Have a beautiful rest of the week, my friend~ Vicki