Sunday, July 18, 2010

and more dog days

Dayton's Mom told him
she had a surprise for him
when he got home today.Oh, yeah, he was surprised!

And now...for the next few weeks,
as they're adjusting to having
their sweet new puppy
join the family,
will always be remembered as
dog days


  1. Oh Susan, ABSOLUTELY DARLING!!! BOTH OF THESE SWEET LITTLE ONES ARE JUST ADORABLE! DOg days indeed! Whew....we had horrible tornado warnings last night with winds unbearable. How about you? It is baking out there I here; my dear blogger pal Penny from California says that it was 114 yesterday. THAT is one thing I DO NOT miss about my homestate: THE INTENSE DESERT HEAT!

    Please take care, and have fun with those two! Anita

  2. That face! Those eyes! It says it all.
    Cute, cute, days of summer.

  3. Oh my goodness..both are soooo sweet! The two will grow up together and be best friend...a boy and his dog! Love it!
    Love the name Bella!

    Hope all is well sweet friend..enjoy your day today. We have a big family brunch to go to...should be fun..all boy cousins for my girls.

    Hugs. xoxoo

  4. Oh Susan,

    I love that photo of Dayton, too cute!!! What a wonderful surprise little Bella is a sweetie :)

  5. Children and dogs = such a fantastic combination. Sure your beautiful Dayton will have lots and lots of fun enjoying the raising of his new friend.
    Wishing you a wonderful Summers week, Susan xxx

  6. What a beautiful dog and child!! How fun to have a new addition to your family! Can't wait to see this story develop!

  7. I look forward to seeing pictures of the "meeting" between Dayton and the new puppy. Animals and kids make the best photo subjects.

  8. How cute!! I bet they are having fun together!