Wednesday, June 2, 2010

how nerdy is this?

These are the glasses I've been sporting since Sunday!
I lost the screw and the one in the eyeglass repair kit is too BIG!
I only need them to read,
but I seem to do an awful lot of reading of one form or another!

I asked my daughter, "What could be nerdier than this?"
To which she replied, "They could be taped in the middle!"
True that!
I hope I can get to the eye doctor's tomorrow.
Anything nerdy in your wardrobe?


  1. Hey I can so relate...I have glasses only for reading as least your safety pin is pink! You could start a new trend..happy day to you. xoxoxo

  2. Hey, I thought that's why they invented the safty pin!

    True confessions? I have a pair of granny panties. They are even white! eeekkk!

  3. Ohhhhhh, I have plenty of nerd to spare! I remember my glasses splitting in the middle the first week of school, my first year! I had to tape them and continue, but luckily, that class was extremely patient! Have a fine day dearest...go to Lens Crafters NOW! Anita

  4. Hi susan!!! the manor in my post was taken from a site. I haven't been there but have been a bit around Brittany and it really worths the visit. Are you plannung to go? xoxo

  5. Anything nerdy in your wardrobe? Everthing in my wardrobe is nerdy . . .