Tuesday, June 15, 2010

beginnings and endings

Today is the official last day of school for the year.
Before the year ended, however,
There was something we were just beginning...
Holden Christian Academy
received a sizable grant
to plant a garden with our students
and to start a gardening/botany,
food, nutrition, and fitness program.
We spent one Saturday with
a carpenter, volunteer parents, and staff,
building the raised beds
after many hours of planning.
The following Monday soil was delivered
and students began the work of filling the beds.
During Fine Arts Day
one of our projects was to make a
mosaic stepping stone
for the garden.
Each of eight mixed~grade groups
(the whole school participated)
was given a piece of fruit
and a bagful of broken dishes
I was quite pleased
with the way ours turned out.
Use your imagination now.
Do see the sun, moon, palm tree on an island, sailing ship, ocean and sky?

Each grade was assigned a certain type of seed/s to plant.
First and second graders (my class) planted
(after we read The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss together.)


This week we've seen "little visitors"

a couple of sly foxes...

leaving footprints on the bridges

and eating strawberries.

The next plan of action is fencing!


We have staff and families signed up to

weed, water and harvest

during the summer months.


These may be considered our

"before" pics...

Stay tuned for the "afters!"




  1. Oh sweet one...thank you for the cupcake...yummmmm it is adorable...I wish I could eat it with you. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!
    Happy Summer to you! I still have 2 more weeks.
    One more week with students.
    This garden is such a great idea! We have a mini one at our school for the grade 2 classes. It is so fun seeing what they are growing.
    Now that you are as free as a bird my sweet friend..enjoy! xoxoxo

  2. What a great undertaking. It is very well thiught out and looks like so much fun.
    Almost like a Labyrinth.
    It must have been fun to have all those families helping. The students won't soon forget this huge responsibility.

  3. I love, love, love the mosaic stepping stone
    for the garden. What perfect, calming colors . . .

  4. SUSAN!!!! What a F A B U L O U S project! And now, you are done. Whew. Monday was my clerical day and ALL MY DATA for the district DISAPPEARED! While I was waiting for the principal to come to see my work, I RETRIEVED IT! Wow, am I glad that is over! I hope you are able to get some relaxation, but we know better, we are always going to be working on curriculum, right? But at least in the coziness of our homes and gardens! THANKS FOR COMING TO SEND ME OFF!! Anita

  5. Susan, I think this is such a wonderful idea! The children will learn so much from their gardening experiences!! Thank you for your dedication to our children and the terrific work you do with them. Enjoy your summer rest as you refuel for next year! Love and blessings always~ Vicki

  6. I would be over joyed with such a project. What a wonderful grant to receive. The design of the garden is goreous...and the raised beds painted white, Wow! Thats lovely. So you teach second grade? If I ever teach again I hope it will be wee ones. 3rd grade and under were my favorite grades to teach while Home schooling and my Sunday School class is K-3rd. It's an age of wonder...and their little pure faces delight me:)

  7. I am missing you my friend...hope your Summer is off to a great start...any special plans? xoxoxo

  8. You are my inspiration... because of you and Amy W who posts more fab pics on facebook, I'm starting my own blog tomorrow; can't wait to share it with you and glean your wisdom :-) I plan to include thoughts on books I've read or am reading, my handmade jewelry, and lots of flower/garden pics. Looking forward to your comments and thoughts.