Sunday, June 6, 2010


I made this collage this afternoon.

Before leaving for my nephew's graduation party
I decided to check on the little chickadees.
I opened the box and that
anxious chickadee {on the left}
flew right out and into a tree!

Guess my nephew,
and my niece who graduated today, too,
weren't the only ones


  1. I love that you captured this event.
    I love birds, all kinds, especially the ones in our backyard.
    This post makes me happy.

  2. OH! You have a show going on in your garden too? I have a robin that laid eggs and her little ones just took flight about one week ago. Now, she is nesting AGAIN! She is fondly named, Mrs. Robinson, and she doesn't take any nonsense! When I open the door to get the mail, her nest is right above on the beam of our overhang. She squawks and squeals and flies off in a huff, but then comes back to sit in her nest. Quite the show!

    Enjoy! Anita

  3. So so sweet...I love baby birds. Hugs

  4. Susan dearest!!! YOU ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS LEFT!!!I just need to go in on Monday and do some last minute field trip orders and cleaning, but the children are off and we are all sighing a sigh of a job well-done, in spite of some difficult days. I work in an immersion school in an affluent part of Minneapolis, and in my seven years there, behavioral issues were very, very rare! Things are changing and I don't know why, but this year was a big reality check for us as well as the flexibility part of teaching was exercised quite a bit this year! Nonetheless, this is a great job and I bet you are marvelous. What would a teacher do without the faith necessary to make some sense of living? Enjoy your day, and I will be thinking of you next week! Anita

  5. What a sweet analogy and a lovely collage of photos. The trick is defining that moment when they are ready to fly ~kids and birds . . .

  6. This reminds me of my baby bird which I saved and released this year. So sweet.