Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hallmark, step aside! :)

My colleague at school has several breeds of chickens.
She often shares their eggs with me.
At Eastertime she made sure to include a nice variety of colors.
To thank her, I made up a set of notecards from pics that I had taken of them. I started with:
my photos
an inexpensive set of white stationery with matching envelopes,
a set of photo corners
(I really wanted white, but couldn't find them, so settled for greens and blues,
which, as it turns out, I really liked!:)),
and organdy ribbon.

I chose several of my favorites, edited them and added text at picnik.com, then,
I tucked the pics into the photo corners and carefully glued them to the stationery.

Choose a half dozen to give and
place the card that says Thank you" on top.
Tie with ribbon.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

p.s. my friend really liked them! {sigh}


  1. Your egg pictures are beautiful and so creative -- I have taken pictures of a lot of things, but I can't recall eggs being one of them. I especially like the 'lean on me'. Making cards with the photos was such a thoughtful gift and yes I think Hallmark has some competition : ) Betty Anne

  2. Those are some of the best cards I have seen, really!
    And what a great way to say Thank You.
    I bet she won't use them because they are so wonderful and very meaningful. I wouldn't!

  3. HA HA Christine, That's what she actually said!! But Mom reassured her that "there's more where those came from."

    My favorite isn't pictured...an inside joke from my childhood. "WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND???"

    :) :) :)

  4. well, that's not true....my fave is pictured. it's just teeny. ;)

  5. Love them my friend...do you have them finished in matte or gloss...I can never decide which I like better. I do like your egg images....you clever girl you!

  6. Gee I love craft! And I also love your "easy peesy" quote.

  7. The most charming notecards I have ever seen. You are so creative!!!

  8. What a darling idea...and so sweet of you too.

  9. lollipop...lollipop..lollipop...yes I am sing with you...thanks for the answer..glossy it is! I just can't stop thinking about these cards of yours. xoxoxoxox

  10. OH NOW ISN'T THIS JUST DARLING! You my dear, and other birdlovers have just inspired ME to admire birds more and incorporate them into my decor. I love it and your sweet blog!!! Thank you dearest for coming and you like my crown? WAIT 'TIL YOU SEE ALL my crowns in my collection in the next post. Well my New England queen, have a lovely mum's day!!!! Anita

  11. What creative and beautiful cards! Your friend is so fortunate to have you for a friend. I am so impressed the way you did these cards. Great idea!

  12. How beautiful! I love your photos and what a perfect gift for your friend :) Thanks for sharing :)