Sunday, January 17, 2010

decorating daydreams

Take time to dream...
 ...arrange flowers...

Doing dishes would be a pleasure in that farmer's sink!

Let's sit and talk and have a cup of coffee, or tea, maybe?

I'd feel so pampered in this bathroom.

I would love to have a dinner party here...

..or here.

So serene...

Do you see the chandelier reflected in the mirror?

Dishes too pretty to be hidden in a cupboard.
...and always pink roses...

It didn't cost a dime to dream, now did it?


  1. A gorgeous tour!!! Thank you Susan -I would love coffee or tea in that room!

  2. Yes please..anyone room would do nicely. Love all of them..your taste is amazing. xoxo

  3. Oh loved it. When can we go again?

    Yoli :)