Saturday, November 7, 2009

project learning tree

I spent the day today at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens
enrolled in a Project Learning Tree workshop. 

The weather could not have been more perfect. 
A brisk, delightfully sunny November day.

We learned different strategies for
teaching about tree identification,
and other aspects of environmental education
for kids grades K-8.
  I had never noticed a Witch Hazel Tree,

nor had I known about the blight of the American Chestnut.

I learned ways to identify trees in winter
by examining twigs and buds. 
did you know?...

 A white pine has needles in clusters of five (W-H-I-T-E)
red pine needles in clusters of two,
(two ways to say "red," the color, and read (as in a book)) 
and pitch pine needles in clusters of three.
(The PITCH... then, 1-2-3 strikes you're out!)

We also participated in a Poet-TREE lesson.
 I learned a new type of poem...
~ windspark ~
has 5 lines with this pattern:
I dreamed
I was...(something or someone)
an action
and how 
...and I wrote one of my own.

 I dreamed
I was a flowering maple
In a tidy, manicured garden
Tossing crimson leaves into the air
Like a child.

Are you inspired
to take a
nature walk
or to
 write a poem


  1. Where were you when my children were in school? For that matter, I would have loved a teacher like you. I'm learning things that I did not know, and I love that. You're in my thoughts often, Susan.

  2. What a lovely experience. I hope to drive out to the Witchita Mts. sometime this week and capture some great photos.

    Your pics are fabulous.

    I hope you got my email.I am so sorry I prolonged that. It's this old woman factor I guess...julie