Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's "Pandamonium!"

I thought I 'd post a few pics showing what we've been up to at school lately.
I teach first and second grade. 
We're studying different world "cultures" this year.
This first term we've been learning about China.

Of course, any study of China
would be incomplete without
featuring the panda.
was a wonderful day of
fun and learning
about a unique creation of God. 
In math,
we weighed and measured to
determine how many kids it would take
 to equal the size of a Giant Panda,
and figured out how many hours a
panda had left to play and sleep
if they eat for 14 hours/day.
We made panda masks and
dioramas of pandas in their habitats,

  read books about pandas, sang panda songs,
decorated a panda snack,

 {Frosted sugar cookies w/ thin mint ears, junior mint eyes,
raisinette nose and tube frosting eye dots and mouth}
and had a panda scavenger hunt. 
(Panda babies know their moms by their scent.) 
Teams followed a specific scent as they looked for clues.
A prize was given when the mama panda was found!
The day wound down with a
panda movie and panda popcorn
(popcorn with gummie bears).
       Here's a pic of all the children
dressed in black and white
wearing the masks they made.
 Funny isn't it
how the faces all have different personalities
 even though
 all the parts


  1. So So Cute. I bet you are the most marvelous teacher! I also love your bible verse today. God's blessing to you, dear friend!

  2. Oh Susan, this is so cute. What precious little faces. Happy VBF...julie

  3. Looks like Pandamoniun went spectatularly!! I'm sure all your kids had a blast.
    We will have to make plans soon for me to come and help with Center-Time-Switch. :)