Friday, October 9, 2009

you're invited

   to a  pumpkin inspiration party!

 Saturday, October 24th, 2009.
 To participate all you have to do is
post your own fall decorating ideas 
 that highlight pumpkins and gourds!
Let's try to come up with some ideas that are
unique and special like these.

I posted other favorites in my last post.
I will run a blogroll of each "pumpkin party participant"
to the right on my sidebar so that we can visit and
chat and gather ideas and inspiration from one another.
Please ask your readers to check my blog for links
 to other participants "attending" the party.
I don't really celebrate Halloween,
but I do hand out candy to little Trick -or Treaters,
and I absolutely LOVE the beauty of the fall season. 
Maybe, like me, you've been looking for a creative outlet
and a way to express honor and glory
the One
Perhaps you'd like to bring a special
fall dessert (recipe) to share as well.
Oh, we'll have so much FUN!
I'll be sure to have plenty of apple cider,
and a couple of gifts for the party peeps
(to be drawn randomly).
Hope you can come!

I just realized that although it still feels like Friday night,
it's already after midnight,
 but I still have a couple of pics to post of my vintage black friday find. :)
I've been trying to remember who it was that found a lovely black velvet purse.
Was it you?
I didn't find one myself, but I did find this cute velvet hat!

 My daughter walked in as I was shooting  this  pic,
so I had her model it for me.

Kinda cute, huh?
Happy VBF!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of this pumpkin party!! and...too crazy that when I walked in the door just now, i discovered that my brother-in-law brought us a gorgeous pumpkin. he has a (his first) job as a pumpkin picker!!
    I can't wait to see the ideas and creations that are a product of this great idea!
    As usual, Mom, so creative!!!
    And...I guess the only way to make the blog is to be your "model." ;)

  2. The hat is lovely and really cute on the model. HBF...julie

  3. Oh how I love pumpkins...especially white ones. Those ideas in your last post were amazing. I will peek in and see how it is going later on in the week! OH and your hat is so lovely...and looks sweet on you!