Saturday, October 24, 2009

come to the party!

to my
pumpkin inspiration party!

So glad you're here!Can't wait to see what you've created!
Would you care for a drink?
I have mulled cider, a variety of soft drinks,
and you've gotta know I love a theme...
because I've got
jekolantern pumpkin wine
jones pumpkin pie soda!
(I don't think that the lizard on
the label looks very appealing, but...)
Does he look

pumpkin paper lanterns just for fun!

Love this chandelier!
I'd like to set out some goodies on this table.

Can I interest you in a generous slice of

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake (Country Living)?
Maybe a Mini Pumpkin Cake (Martha Stewart)?
Or Gramma's Famous Peanut Butter Squares
dressed up in pumpkin candies and butter leaf cookies (my own!)?
I'll post the recipe later.  So easy and a hit at every family party!
Perhaps a Fancy Caramel Apple?
Mmmm, delish!

There's Fall Party Mix, too! 
On the table by the window...

Grab a handful!
Fall Party Mix
Mix together:
5 cups of Chocolate Chex(tm) Cereal
1 bag Brachs(tm) Autumn Mix
2 cups of lightly salted peanuts
You can also spread this mixture out on a cookie sheet,
or waxed paper, and drizzle it with melted chocolate,
or white chocolate. Let it cool, then break it apart.
Yum, I love sweet and salty snack mixes.

"Mumkins" on the cofee table in front of the fireplace...

Oh, a person can dream!

I must go to attend to a few family duties
as we prepare for my dear Dad's funeral,
but I will be checking on each of you at some point today. 
I didn't want to cancel the party as it's been so long "in the works."
 I know you'll be understanding, my blogger friends. 

Mingle...I'll be back!

pooh and his honey pot
for O-----

lightning mcqueen
for D-----

Thanks for coming!
Come again! 
Good night!

Most of these inspiring ideas are from Martha Stewart, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and Southern Living.


  1. Just found you and will Follow for sure. So sorry about loosing your Dad. Mine is 82 and I'm blessed to still have him.
    Love all your Punkin pictures too!
    Take care....

  2. Hi Susan...I am a little late, but I made it. Your layout is just beautiful!!!

    I'll have mulled cider andddddddddddddd, I'll take the chandelier home with me. Have a great day.....julie

    You are still in my prayers.

  3. Found you from your comment on Heather's blog. Your post is amazing- you featured some pretty pictures of inspirational things...
    Sorry about the loss of your father.


  4. Inspiration galore! I really need to do a little more Halloween decorating, it's just days away.

  5. Oh this is marvelous -- very festive. The treats and cider just hit the spot. Sorry I came late, but it was parents' day at my daughter's college, got home, had to mess with the crazy dogs, and then came straight over. You've been in my thoughts & prayers.