Thursday, September 15, 2011

happy birthday, dayton!

The first part of September is a very busy time of the year for me. 
The new school year begins.  
( I teach first grade.)  
Sunday School begins,
(I'm the Sunday School Superintendent.)

And my grandson, Dayton celebrates his birthday!

This year he turned 4 on September 3rd !
 The theme of this year's party was

I helped his mom by carving a
watermelon shark...

                                                  and making "sushi" appetizers...(not that tasty, but cute!)

 Sponge Bob and Nemo 
( Dayton's two Grandpas)
made an appearance!

And the birthday boy gave it all he had to blow out his candles! ;) 

{Next year somebody remind me that buttercream frosting
melts on the way to the party 
when it's early September and the temperature is 80 degrees !!}

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!
I love you all to pieces!

smooch, smooch!