Monday, November 7, 2011

three weddings, two baby showers, and a field trip, oh my!

We were without power for 5 days last week after an October snow storm.
So it's time for an update...
Lydia & Zach * 9/10/11

  Allison & Ben * 9/30/11
Kaitlyn & Paul * 10/08/11
Jackie's Baby Girl (Aleena) Shower (10/9) w/ Liv & Dayton "helping"
  Mary Beth's Baby Boy (Noah) Shower (10/22)
Dayton & Liv & several others "helped" at this shower too!
  Field Trip to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut
Grades K to 4
Looks like God painted the Clownfish by hand.

 Octopus up close and personal!
I'm always awestruck by the imagination and creativity of God when I see all the creatures He's made!
Beluga Whale~amazing!

Next week, Olivia's Fairy Princess Birthday Party!
Stay tuned!


  1. Susan, dear, it is so nice hearing from you!!! Parties + parties over there!!!! Amazing!!!
    Aila is looking at the whale and she is amazed!!!
    I wish you a great day, dear!!
    Love, Bela

  2. I lOVE BELUGA WHALES!!!!!!! AND SEASTARS, and.......

    SUSAN!!!!!! Dearest, my goodness it is so good to see you! Oh, I am missing our field trip today to the electricity museum; I have laryngitis, so no wild days for me today!

    DEAREST, what a beautiful post filled with smiles and memories that you will cherish for all your life. Dear one, did you receive your order? Was it the castle print?

    I hope all is well chez toi! Can you believe the holidays will be upon us soon?

    Thank you for visiting...much love and GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Anita

  3. Don't you just love weddings? And you had three of them.
    Baby Showers are always fun and you had two of them.
    It sounds like you might be going to more, sometime in the future.

    Teachers do fun things, like field trips. Those pictures are really awesome.

    (tell Crystal hello, miss her)

  4. have been busy my friend...what FUN! Except for the snow and power outage part. xoxoxo HUGS

  5. I enjoyed the privilege of being able to step into your family's events via these beautiful pictures. What a busy time you all had and it sure looks like you had some fun in it all. I agree with you when you said it looks like God painted that sea creature. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.